Pick the Place and Surf Will Be There

Surf doesn't ask for city beach, more and more people are looking for surf activities in remote beaches, lakesides and rivers. Pick the place and surf will be there.

We will organize a day full of activities that are suitable for everybody and don't ask for physical preparation. During the day you can participate in kite- and windsurf workshops, do SUP'ing, windsurfing, kayaking.

We have created simplified solutions to move ourselves even to your backyard!



1. We set up a trailer for you with as many SUP boards, kayaks etc. as You need. You can pick it up from Pärnu and drive where needed. Example price for 10 SUP boards with a trailer is 500€.

2. We set up a trailer for you with as many SUP boards, kayaks etc. as You need. We will bring it where needed and our instructor stays with You the whole time, explains how to manage the equipment. Example price for 10 SUP boards with a trailer and instructor is 900€.

PS! SUP Boards can be replaced with inflatable windsurf sails and boards.

3. Custom made surfcamp in Pärnu Beach or elsewhere. In collaboration with You we decide what sort of equipment is suitable, what's the event schedule and how to make camp more than fun! The schedule can be filled with kite- and windsurf workshops, SUP'ing, windsurfing, kayaking. We'll provide as many instructors as needed and make sure everything goes smoothly. We can even bring Cafe Aloha to your event! Tell us about your ideas!

Check out how sample SurfCamp looks like.

Here are the sweetspots for surfcamp that we recommend
 Ojako Holiday and Training Centre
 Tuisuliiva Holiday House


SUP or paddle boarding is an excellent way to make your day active and fun. This activity can be easily learned and is accomplishable to anyone regardless of age or fitness level.

A SUP trip on the river is an excellent opportunity to see places where you would not go otherwise, the fantastically beautiful river banks, bridges, rapids, parks – you can explore every nook and cranny of the river on a paddle board.

The price starts from 30 €/person and includes a tour guide, SUP equipment and calypso. The trip lasts 1.5–3 hours, your choice!

Come with your friends in order to enjoy the gentle flow of the river and refresh your mind and body!


Are you looking for a fun activity for a day with friends or a stag/hen night?

SUP yoga is a yoga class, instructed by a yoga teacher in the shallow end of the sea on SUP boards. The training does not require previous familiarity with yoga elements or any physical preparation. This is a fun activity where falling into water and finding balance again creates a lot of excitement.

The price starts from 310 € that includes equipment for 10, an instructor and Aloha terrace usage.

Café Aloha is open so if you wish, you can have a meal or enjoy refreshing drinks.

When did you last experience something extraordinary?

This summer Pärnu surprises you and your friends offering the experience of flying and walking on the water.


The package includes:
- New and exciting FLYHIGH YOGA class in ACTIVESPA ESTONIA
- SUP paddle board adventure on Pärnu Bay
- SUP paddle board equipment for all participants
- refreshing NOA energy drink

Package price:
- up to 5 participants 115 €
- 6-9 participants 150 €
- 10-11 participants 165 €
The maximum number of participants is 11 people.

Information and bookings: 00372 440 1013, e-mail
Additional information: and

After busy days at the beach we recommend to try out these relaxing and exciting adventures:

 Horseriding - Maria Farm

 Canoeing and bogwalking –, +372 5391 7027

 Adventure Park – Valgeranna

Lustipark  Wakeboard and banana ride


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